Tuesday, May 10, 2011

About Things Hereditary...

Oliver is developing awareness of his future self.
And, I couldn't tell a lie.


  1. OK, as a follicularly challenged fella, a couple things:

    --"Research indicates that susceptibility to premature male pattern baldness is largely X-linked." So should O go bald, it would be (largely) Mom's fault. Shame on you.

    --My old man went bald at around 19 or so and he thought it was, on balance, a huge asset. Managers figured he was older/smarter than he was and gave him more responsibility. "Say, who should head up this project?" "How about we give it to that wise man over there, you know, cue ball."

    --If one is bald or essentially bald, then a super close-clipped, no muss, no fuss haircut means one less thing to worry about and a few more minutes of sleep every day.

    --I'm essentially bald and it's all I can do to keep the babes away* (although it could be because of the wedding ring, I suppose).

    *not intended to be a factual statement

  2. You relieve my mind, Charlie.

  3. The Peter I knew in school would never allow himself to get older.