Wednesday, August 31, 2011

About Having Pets...Or Not.

Well, it's official!
Oliver is VERY allergic to dogs and cats.
Of course we knew this since he broke out into hives and 
started scratching every time he touched a dog or a cat.  
However, it wouldn't be official without a test at the doctor's office.

Sorry Izzy!  
It isn't that mommy is trying to be a killjoy - I just am, naturally. 
However, your little brother has forever blocked your chances of having any furry critters (besides us) in the house.
As I said, you can have a pet Rock.

Love, Mommy.


  1. SO does this mean Izzie and Ollie can't come over to Auntie Helen's? :(

  2. Nah... It just means he takes Benedryl when we come over for visit.

  3. I just scrolled down and read a ton of these posts. They are so great! Very very funny and remind me of the day to day I have with my kids!

  4. I am a killjoy mom myself. 5 is more than enough living creatures in our house. Sungjee